About Us Page...

A Horses Friend is a combined effort from myself, my three children; Bex, Sammie and Patrick, their cousins Emilia and Elicia, plus our little yard helpers; Evie, Albie, Olivia and Jessica!

The children play an important role in helping produce safe and family friendly ponies and it is wonderful hands on experience for our kids being fit and healthy playing working in the yard and looking after the animals.

All ponies that spend time here have the best of fun whilst being with us and are treated like our own. We find the very best of homes for all that come to us and I am so fortunate to have a rewarding job which I share with my close family and extended family!

Bex is 8 years old, she loves show jumping and a more forward pony. She loves helping to break ponies and producing them.

Sammie is 6 years old and is really wanting to get into showing so we will be doing more of this in 2020. She loves helping around the yard and is growing in confidence every day.

Patrick is age 4 and is developing a love for riding and being on the saddle!

Georgina Powell x